DISCLAIMER: Let’s start by saying I am a morning person. Without a tall Nespresso Arpeggio or two, I’m not a very pleasant morning person.

Second cup brewed. Too hot to drink. Maybe I should start the laundry? Guests are still asleep. I’m hungry, a bowl of cereal? No, I’ve got to eat the rest of the carrot cake first. It’ll go bad for sure. Are the refrigerators stocked with enough beer? It’s 10 am, no one needs beer – check them later.

Knock it off A.D.D! Just sit and write, “Why?” The question that’s been nagging the back of my mind for days. This should be a walk in the park! “Why am I starting a blog?” Because I have shit to say. Can I say shit? Of course you can say shit, you say it daily along with a plethora of other words that would make your grandmother cringe.

There’s a start. I have shit stuff to say. Whether its my thoughts on crew dynamics, travel, or disgusting toilet cleaning tips, I usually have an opinion. Many times, it’s not very PC.  Am I a self proclaimed smart ass? No. I’m just reminded on the daily I’m a smart ass.

Well. There you have it. The reason why I’m starting a blog. Because I feel like it.

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