What DO you DO all day? Hell if I know.


Poolside writing sounds awesome, doesn’t it? A nice cold beer, caffeine fueled iced tea, and a laptop. Cue in a blissful breeze, oversized umbrella… and in every small child on spring break with their drunken parents. Damn it. One beer was clearly not enough.

My legs and back are aching and I’ve recently realized I’m not as young as I once was. I’ve just worked 20 days in a row. At least it wasn’t 30 days like we were expecting! I’m on deck at 6:45am and down between 9:00 – 10:00pm. I’m one of the lucky ones. I don’t work for some power craved Neo-Nazi, the owners of my boat are wonderfully amazing people. I thank my stars everyday we answered their call out of the blue. Unless something drastic changes, I believe I’ve found what we’re all looking for. My last owners.

If you would have asked me what I would be doing at this exact moment eight years ago (lying by the pool on a beautiful island), this would have not been the answer. I would have said, “Freezing my ass off while commuting on slippery streets to a towering building in busy Boston.” Pretty sure I made the right decision. How I made this decision, well, that’s a topic for another post.

Last night, while enjoying one too many green beers and Mount Gays (Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day everyone!), I was asked by a friendly midwestern American couple, “What do you do all day?”  Oh man, where to begin? Here are 30 different careers can I embody in just one day:


This doesn’t mean I don’t manifest myself into even more roles. The 30 I’ve listed above are what comes to mind in a jiffy. While this isn’t true of all Chief Stewardesses in the industry, some are lucky and have enough crew on board to alleviate some of these “hats” as I like to call them. I enjoy the diversity of my job with a small crew, while its more work, it’s that much more interesting. I am the right hand “man” to the boss. Whatever he wants – within reason – I make it happen.

I could sit here and list the actual job descriptions of each position on board a yacht, but do you really want me to? Click through The Crew Networks basic job descriptions or take a gander through those on Luxury Yacht Groups job description pages. Lux really goes into all aspects of yachting jobs – not just those of a captain, mate, engineer, stew, ect.

Does yachting sound like a path you’d love to travel? Just remember its a job where you work your ass off. Don’t plan on going home for Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, or really any other major holiday. The wealthy have those days off too, and where do you think they want to spend them? Yep, that’s right, on their multimillion dollar yacht, bugging you. Hey, you get paid, and some get paid very very handsomely. Check out Luxury Yacht Groups annual salary guidelines.  Some get paid more, some get paid less. Every boat and its program is different.

What you need to take into account is everything else that is provided for you. Three meals per day, snacks, drinks, uniforms, a comfortable bed, televisions, internet, toothpaste and tampons. Okay, not every crew member needs tampons, but you get the idea. All of your basic necessities are provided. Think of how much money you spend per month on these things. Say its $1500 a month on rent, utilities, food, and basics. Add that to your starting salary of $2500 a month as a green stew on your first yacht. I’d say you’re doing pretty well. If you disagree, you’re a greedy asshole. Just kidding, not really, you little toilet cleaner.

Have I answered the basic question, “What do I do all day?” Not exactly. Every day is a new and different adventure. A yacht  is a diverse, living, breathing, moving unit that needs a constant stream of attention. Is everyone cut out for this job? Absofreakinglutely Not. Why? That’s again, a topic for another post.

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3 thoughts on “What DO you DO all day? Hell if I know.

  1. Yes! To all of this, really. How is it such a hard question to answer? I always seem so shady about it when people ask and I’m okay with that because really, what do you do at a desk all day for 40 hours a week? Seriously, riddle me that.

    So happy to have discovered your blog. Fangirling already.

    • Haha. I’ve tried to figure out what I would do for 40 hours a week at a desk. Facebook? No, maybe sudoku?

      Thank you thank you for sticking around… I never know whats going to pop out of my ridiculous mouth!

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