Oh Where, Oh Where Has She Been Hiding?

Yes, I have been hiding.

It’s been a while. I’ve needed a break. If you look back to my post The Flyer, you’ll understand why. I decided to suck it up and finish the season myself. It. Was. Exhausting. I’m clearly not an overly determined 22 year old anymore.

Since my return to the states, I’ve played the cute little bedside nurse. The captain and my dear loving husband has gotten his ACL repaired. It takes a few months to get back to 110%, but hey, I don’t mind the role. It’s not as hot and sexy as it sounds. No thigh highs and martinis, just sweat pants, ice, and good tv.

I’ve caught up on many TV series on Netflix and Hulu. Yes, it sounds like a complete waste of time, and you know what, I’d beat you for laughing but I’m too lazy to throw the remote. Orange is the New Black on Netflix is one of my new favorite shows. Second season starts soon! Hey, at least it’s not The Bachelorette. Sorry housemates and BFF – that show makes my brain bleed.

I was also unlucky enough to go on a 12.5 hour 1,000 mile road trip in search of our prized extreme off road/show Jeep that was “missing” for days on the back of a car transporter. FYI – if you transport vehicles cross country, do not use Green Auto Transport. #hectorsucks. It cost a couple extra tanks of gas, 4 Red Bulls, and my speeding ticket cherry. A whopping $255 dozy + 4 hours of traffic school. We got Yeti back and we’ve had some fun riding on rocks, over obstacles, and through the woods. Just waiting on the zombie apocalypse now.

Over all, its been a good month of playing mental and physical “catch up”. Time off is a necessity. Vacation is a dream. Welcome to yachting. Now it’s time to get back to it.

(After my holiday weekend)

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