Hitting Those Milestones.


Yours truly here will soon hit another milestone. EEEKK! I’m pretty sure I had a birthday last year, so… do I reeeallly need another? At least I’m not like some women who melt down every 5 -10 years once they pass the legal drinking age. I’m sure at some point I’ll just give up counting.

Recently I’ve been asked all the typical questions by friends and family:

“So, do you feel old yet?” Yeah, but only the next morning after a few too many adult beverages. Aaannnnd anytime my caffeine system has too much blood in it.

“What do you think you’ll be doing in the next few years? Buy a house? Travel? Give up and have kids like the rest of us?” I can’t even plan what I’m doing for dinner, let alone the next decade.

“How much longer do you think you’ll be on yachts?” Ummmm. I’ll just pull out my Magic 8 Ball and let it do the talking because I clearly don’t have my shit together.

While ironing my entire wardrobe today and listening to a country playlist on my iPod (yes, how painfully American of me), the above song came on. You may listen to it now if you haven’t already. It really made me wonder what I might do in “my next 30 years”.

As a yacht stew, milestones can come, go, and sometimes get missed all together. Celebrate them when you can, but don’t get too upset if you can’t. Remember one of the general rules of yachting: holidays/birthdays/your second cousin’s wedding, those times really aren’t yours anymore. You’ve signed up for more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling, have guests on, or are just plain too busy, no worries. Just celebrate at another time. But never let life completely pass you by. It’s all about balance right?

Up to this point, I’ve pretty much stayed balanced and done whats expected of me. I graduated high school, got a degree, traveled a bit, kept a steady paycheck, adopted a cute rescue dog and found myself a wonderful husband (not bad, eh?). I’m hoping to get at least 50 more years out of this body and mind, so really, life is just beginning for me.

Like most of the questions I am asked or I ponder here, I don’t have solid answers to give. Maybe not having all the answers is what keeps life interesting.

Cheers to my next 30 years!

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