I’m Baaaaaack! Again.

FeatherHawkCreateHello Darling,

Oh how I’ve missed you.

Last time I stated, “I’m back!” I really wasn’t. I was in the interim of “season” and “summer trip” two things that are not the same. While I could have written during the month long summer trip over the Forth of July, I was too busy actually working or planning holiday (also “working“).

When you must black out six months of your year to be dedicated 150% to “season”, it makes the other six months a crazy mixture of work and the desire to run screaming to a secluded mountain getaway. Whether you’re able to make it to the mountains is another story in itself. Yachting takes over your life. Most of the time it is your life. Make time for hobbies and holiday (my two favorite H words).

Make time to create something. It could be as little as creating a square photo collage on your phone to share, a full feather mohawk (see above – more on this topic next), or as large as a sleeper trailer out of a 5’x8′ cargo trailer like Capt and I did. If you’re one who follows me on Instagram (see the purple camera on your right hand side), you can see my adventures and crazy creations over the past few months. If not, you can just dream 😉

Anywho, I’m back. No capitalization, no bold, no underline. Just a simple statement that really says, “I promise not to abandon you again my pretty!” Stay tuned. No really, don’t budge.

Jess sig2

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