It’s Christmas Time… in the Islands!


Merry Frigg’n Christmas You Flithy Animals!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter and joy. For those lucky ones who were able to spend it with family, we’re all a little jealous. For my fellow yachties with a full boat of guests, you hang in there – New Years is just around the corner and they’ll all be gone soon!

Glitter glitter everywhere, glitter glitter in your hair.

Literally. Everywhere. It was not fun to pick up this afternoon. My first Christmas on a yacht – we had zero decorations. I woke up and didn’t remember it was even Christmas! Bah humbug. I am a bit of a Christmas freak no matter how much of a Grinch I can sound. How can you keep your “Chipper Little Elf” spirit up when there aren’t decorations around the boat? Unless you’re playing Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the crew mess all day, it’s going to feel like any other sunny Island day. (Boo-hoo right?)

Despite all the extra work setting up and tearing down a Christmas tree and decorations, I think it’s the holidays give our yachting seasons (winter/summer seasons) a great starting point. Sometimes a long, daunting point, but hey, we got on board to work – not for a vacation. Just add a little glitter… and maybe some spiced eggnog to keep the spirits bright!

Family may never understand our Island of Misfit Toys.

The holiday season is tough for some people, especially new crew who’ve never spent a Christmas away from their family on an island… in a foreign country. Then there are the families who haven’t seen their sons, daughters, brothers, or sisters for years. (Since 2005 to be exact.) As well as the husbands and wives who are away on charter while the significant other and children are at home. It can be a sad reality, but a nature of the beast.

I may be the asshole that doesn’t call home much when I’m away, but I make a valiant effort to call on Christmas. It’s all about being there in spirit, right? Family and friends not connected to the yachting industry may never understand how hard it is to find those precious 20 minutes to make the call. Between picking up wrapping paper strewn about the salon, discarded gift boxes from Rolex, and pine needles ground into the $30k carpet… it’s a busy morning. Top that off with brunch service, dinner service, cabin cleaning, laundry, and the “I wants” and “I needs” of daily requests, it’s exhausting.

Hey Family, we probably could have chosen an industry that doesn’t make us work Every. Single. Holiday, but we didn’t.

A good crew can be just the thing you need to make it through.

Here on my lovely little floating hotel, we’re awesome. (I’m so modest.) Nothing is more important than laughter, fun, and a hard working crew to get you through the season. Especially the Holiday season. This year we gave some collective crew gifts. Some musical straws to entertain us when we’re having a nightcap. Toppling Towers that’s been turned into the drunkard Jenga. Cards Against Humanity. Well, I’m sure you see the pattern we went for. At least we’re functioning alcoholics. Haha.

Anywho, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and merry Christmas, New Years, Festivus, and whatever other holiday you’re celebrating.

One word of advice to all the stews out there, heavy pour. You know what I mean.

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