Back of the Head Party

Let the Back of the Head Party commence in 3, 2, 1, GO!

So, whats a, “Back of the Head” Party you ask? Well, you know that feeling when a smile widens on your face and theres a certain twinkle in your eye as the guests and their luggage shuffle down the passerelle? We all do. Your focus suddenly becomes centered on their rear ends as they disappear farther down the dock. It’s like a weight has been lifted knowing that they’ll be on a plane in no time!

As the crew wave their goodbyes, there is usually one thing on their minds. Alcohol. (or sleep if you’re a puss)

BoHPartyAdmit it. We all want a cocktail as soon as the guests leave, no matter the time of day. Ten in the morning? Sure, how about a mimosa? Noon? How about a Kalik? Five in the afternoon? Time to pull out those ice cold shots of Jäegermeister (or anytime of the day really)!

While the stews are stripping beds, wiping out showers, and cleaning up, I pull out my finest silver tray. Before the deckhands have finished covering the exterior and putting away all of the toys, I pull out the coldest beverages I can muster. Just as everyone is finishing up and itching to get out of their perfectly pressed uniforms in lieu of board shorts and bikinis, I serve the crew.

Most of the time I choose what I’m craving most. It could be champagne in beautiful crystal flutes, beers so cold they sweat, or Café Patrón in colorful shot glasses, options in my mind are endless. As everyone takes their respective glass from the perfectly polished tray, we toast to (hopefully) a trip well done.

When that first sip wets your soul, all the tension from the past few days or weeks melts away. It means you’ve survived another trip! No matter how much you love your job or appreciate your guests, you deserve some time to feel pure freedom. Hit the beach, hit your board, or pull on some fins and let loose.

Like most yacht crew, my favorite part of the trip is seeing the back of their perfectly coifed heads as they walk away from the boat. Just make sure you have a cocktail in and hand a smile on your sun kissed face!

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