It's Derby Time



Where did I come from?

My mom. Silly question!

I’m an all around American from the very small New England state of Vermont. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, it’s pretty much part of Canada. Home to Ben & Jerry’s, Cabot Cheese, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  Currently I’m residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (the yachting capital of the world) during the off season.

How does a girl from a small landlocked state with more cows than people get into the glamorous world of yachting?

Well, it all started a long, long, time ago in a far off land called Cape Cod. (2006 and not a far off land). I had my degree in hand but decided to take my final summer off before hitting the big tough corporate world of Boston. To pay for that final summer of wild, yet whimsical bliss, I took a job at a waterfront restaurant. Having no idea this industry truly existed, I was intrigued when a yacht came in.  I met some crew, and was given the ins and outs of yachting. Free room and board while working for more money than I was making as a hostess?

Needless to say I jumped on board believing I’d only stay for the season to make some extra money and return to my original plans. Plans change. By Labor Day, I was on a plane to Fort Lauderdale and the rest is history!


Fast forward to now, and the many roles I like to play:

♥ Stewardess, mate, deckhand, chef, psychologist, mixologist, party planner, scuba diver, floor cleaner, and general Jack Jill of all trades.

♥ Mother to a seven year old (chi/pin), wife, crafter, designer, and social media addict.

♥ Yachtie by trade, creative thinker by heart.


My goal is to post at least once a week on various yachtie topics. If you have ideas for a post, just let me know by leaving a comment, sending an email or message on Facebook!


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