The No Makeup She-Hulk

Warning: Incriminating & Embarrassing Evidence Below.

Ever have one of those days… maybe weeks? Once you’ve finished the million little details that allow you to sleep peacefully at night (refer to: What Do You Do All Day?), you take a glass with you to bed. Most people take a glass of water, but instead, this glass is to be filled with the box of wine you’re harboring on your nightstand. Cabernet Sauvignon from Target’s very own Wine Cube line. Classy.

Me time. No music, no television, no talking. Just my wine, yoga pants, and a face mask. Every couple of weeks, I decide to organize our toiletries cabinet in our cabin. It can be a nightmare, but I found this lovely green face clay I was obsessed over, but forgot  about. Boots Naturals Conditioning Clay, it tightens/clears pores… and is wickedly entertaining. I’ve always wanted to see what I’d look like as a Botox injected She-Hulk.




I warned you:





(I can totally get all #hashtag here and say #nomakeupselfie or #tbt… to last night.)


Twelve days and counting until the season comes to a welcomed close. Surprisingly it’s gone by quickly. By the time I blink, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m finally caught up… until cocktail and dinner hour. Ugh. It’s a good thing I enjoy the jolt of caffeine inflicted by overconsumption of coffee, Red Bull, and iced tea.

At least with this weeks insanity, I do have a few more “serious” topics I’ve dreamed up, stressed over, and well… laughed about. Stay tuned.

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