So, it’s been a week and a half since I’ve last checked in. The crossing over was the trip from hell. Taking big sloppy seas to the beam among other things, make you long for land more than a fat kid for cake.

In military terms, I’d have been considered AWOL by now. I really haven’t gone off the rails… all checked out… CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, bitches. No, that’d be way too much fun and one hell of a story, but instead, I’ve gone into the default world.

Default World: Term used by Burners. The 9 – 5, commute to work, everyone is the same. Might as well work in an office and fill out TPS reports. Ho hum.

I’ve returned to the world where we call contractors, drive to pick up lunch, pick up the 3 foot tall pile of mail, take the dog to get regular mani/pedis, properly cut and color the human hair, and visit those friends and loved ones we’ve ignored all season. Fort Lauderdale is frustrating enough on its own, let alone adding spring time traffic. When you’ve lived on small islands with golf carts for the past few months, its a little over whelming.

I promise, I will return… soon enough. Just let me finish a few bottles of wine. Shop a little, it’s spring season! Drive over something. Sleep in passed daybreak (still working on this). Get a few days away. Oh yeah and tomorrow is Easter, so I’ll consume a few Lindt milk chocolate bunnies to boot.

Cheers to some time off!

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