The Hunter.

Help Wanted

She who dies a martyr in a pair of sailor shorts – has the cleanest interior. 

After the past few months of heavy use and busy boat interior by myself, I realize I can’t do this job alone. No matter how SuperWoman-WonderWoman-CatWoman-She-Hulk I believe I am, I’m not.

I’m now on a hunt.

No, I’m not hunting waaabbits. I’m hunting girls. That may sound ubër creepy, but when you’re in need of a brilliant junior stewardess, its a bit of a hunt. Anddddd has everyone already jumped the pond to Antibes, Palma, or Nice? Yup. Flipping great.

It is that sunny time of year where all yachts are crewing up to go to Northern latitudes. Whether it’s New England or the Med, everyones ready for their next season. The good girls get jobs quicker than imaginable. This leaves a bit to be desired here in hot and humid Fort Lauderdale. 😦

So what exactly are we looking for? Just a well rounded girl with dedication to work and a love for the outdoors (without being a crunchy-bark eating-backpacking-liberal – yes I said that).

We don’t need someone who irons underwear and is gung-ho for a super busy charter yacht. That’s not us. We really only do about a month and a half worth of “guest on/ready” work in the summer! But block off December 1 – April 15th each year. We’re busy bees then!

Anyway, we need a girl with attention to detail, good with guests, able to easily manage her housekeeping duties, an exterior shammy pusher, someone who can change a diaper if need be (just this upcoming trip), and a bubble blower (diver). Oh yeah, fit, single, no dietary restrictions or allergies, or bizarre antisocial behavior. An all around kinda gal! Shouldn’t be to hard to find, right?

Ugh without using a crew agent and wasting a ton of the bosses money, it’s a nightmare. Sorry crew agent friends. I know she’s out there and perfect for this position. I will find her. (not too creepy sounding, eh?)

If you’re a job seeking junior stewardess who fits this bill and I haven’t offended you thus far, send me your CV!

Up next: 15 questions you should ask a new stew before you even speak to her.

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